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  UNTDA 2023 – Mess Dinner Head Table and Vice-Presidents – Introductions

This information will be of particular interest to the 168 of you registered for the Mess Dinner But it will also be of interest to many other registrants.

There are many among you who have distinguished military or civilian careers. While we do have a larger than normal head table in recognition of the Naval Reserve Centennial, we can’t include everyone we might wish to. Recognizing that it would take a long time to introduce this head table, and the 6 Vice-Presidents presiding at the dinner, we are circulating this information which briefly summarizes the highlights of their careers. Keeping with the tradition of not using ranks at a mess dinner we have listed the table in alphabetical order while noting their ranks in the text. Interestingly, this results in a Captain preceding a Rear Admiral within a spousal group. 

You will note that two links are often cited below and . Both are searchable biography data bases. The first focuses on the UNTD and post-UNTD officer training programs and the latter has a broader maritime focus with a lot of entries on Canadian Navy personnel. Both are operated by volunteers who have devoted a lot of time and superb effort in digging out and cataloguing information. Bill Clearihue (DON 64) UNTDA Archivist, Web Developer and Newsletter Editor has focused on the UNTDA site but contributed to both and John MacFarlane (SCO 66) is the Curator of the Nauticapedia Project. You can make use of these sites, and submit material to update your own entry.

Head Table

Butt, John
LT (MED) John Butt, a Member of the Order of Canada, joined the UNTD in 1952 at Tecumseh. He is an internationally-recognized expert in forensic medicine who has influenced the evolution of the office of chief medical examiner. During his tenure in Alberta , he oversaw the transformation of the Chief Coroner's office into that of Chief Medical Examiner and his long involvement with the Canadian Police College has enhanced their forensic pathology section. Best known for his work in Nova Scotia, he led the team that identified the victims of SwissAir Flight 111. His unique blend of science and compassion provided solace to the grieving families.,%20John%20Clulow&id=28095  

Campbell, Amy
Lieutenant (Navy) Amy Campbell (DIS 86) completed a BA at U of T and a BEd at Dalhousie and served in 2 congregations in Halifax as a diaconal minister before pursuing her call to Ordained Ministry through her studies for her MDiv at the Vancouver School of Theology.  She was a pioneer in gender equality in the navy, being the first female chaplain serving in the naval reserve (1986). In 1996, she transferred to the regular force and was posted to the naval base in Esquimalt. She served with such distinction as the first female chaplain at sea on the West Coast, the navy requested her successor be another female chaplain. Amy felt a new call to another occupation in the military in 2000 and served as a Training Development Officer in Halifax and with the RCAF in Winnipeg. After returning to civilian life, she worked at Naval Personnel Training Group HQ and currently works in support of MARTECH training and volunteers  on various committees at Esquimalt United Church. 

Connell, Ross 
Lt. Ross Connell (STA 60) is the Treasurer, Webmaster, and general provocateur on the UNTDA Board, serving on the Governance and Nominations Committee, the Communications Committee and the Donations and Awards Committee. Joining the UNTD at Star in 1960, he served extensively at Donnacona. Ross had a varied civilian career, in the latter years of which he managed an IT department at a major bank, working well into his 78th year.
Cook, Brian 
CDR Brian Cook    (UNI 66) is a former CO of Discovery, 2 Minesweepers and 2 MCDV’s, commands in which he mentored many junior officers and oversaw the training of many NCMs. He is a graduate of U Sask (BA); LSE (MSc); UWO (MA); UBC (LLB). 
Craig, Dave   
Cmdre Dave Craig (DIS 74) is a member of the LOC for this Conference and celebration and also served as the UNTDA 2023 NRD Liaison Group representative for Malahat. During his 41 year career Dave served in Malahat, Chippawa and Carleton as well various ships. He was CO of Malahat and served in a number of other leadership positions of increasing responsibility  including as COMNAVVRES.,%20David%20William&id=35888     

Elmes, Roger    
Lt. Roger Elmes (STA 60) is Past President of the UNTDA; Chair of the UNTDA 2023 Committee; Chair of the LOC for this Conference and Celebration. He served in Stettler; Patriot for COND; Star and as SO UNTD Star/McMaster. He enrolled 8 of the last UNTD cadets and trained the final group of 10 in 1968 and trained a division of the first group of ROUTP cadets in 1969. Civilian career in post-secondary education from 1970 – 2006 – the final 20 years as Dean of Arts, Dean of Research and Campus Dean. He served as the Board President of several multi-cultural, multi-ethic organizations His wife Marie-Claire Rucquoy owned and operated 4 Montessori Bilingual Preschools and tolerated his UNTDA and other volunteer activities.
George, Bob 
VAdm Bob George (DIS 60) and wife Lois shared Bob’s full-time career in the Canadian Navy with postings to Tokyo and Brussels as well as 4 Canadian cities. Bob joined the ROTP, an offspring of the UNTD, at Discovery/UBC. He served in a number of ships including as CO of a DDH and a DDG and as a Squadron Commander. He also served in top leadership positions as COMMARPAC, COMMARLANT and Deputy CDS. He is an Honorary Life Member of the UNTDA in recognition of his service and of his help to the Association.,%20Robert%20Earl%20Douglas&id=8831&Page=81&input=george 
Hickey, Marjorie 
CDR Marjorie Hickey (SCO 77) graduated from St. Mary’s (Magna Cum Laude) and Dalhousie (LLB). She served as CO of Scotian and in her civilian life she is a KC; and has served as President - Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society; Chair - Board of Governors - Commissionaires - Nova Scotia; she is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers; and a winner of the Distinguished Service Award - NS Barristers’ Society. 

Lucas, Bob 
CDR Bob Lucas (STA 61) and Jocelyn Paul. Bob graduated from Acadia with a BSc (Hons) in 1968 in chemistry and with an MSc from Acadia in 1969 and with a DPhil. From Oxford in 1972. He taught briefly at University of Alberta and for many years at Memorial University of Newfoundland where he finished his academic career serving as Dean of Science. He is a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada.  He served twice as CO of HMCS Cabot and on the LOC for the highly successful 75th Anniversary Reunion of the UNTD in St. John’s. 
MacRae, Duncan 
CAPT Duncan MacRae (UNI 57) and Marie MacRae. Duncan served as a Term Lt. In Cornwallis of Micmac Division in summer 62, a group which included many successful cadets – Governor of the Bank of Canada; an Ambassador; several long-serving reservists here tonight; and others. He served many years in the naval reserve including as CO of Malahat. In his civilian career Duncan served as President of Northern Lights College, a BC public college, and in the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Training.,%20Duncan%20R.&id=45372 
McKenzie, Greg 
CDR Greg McKenzie (TEC 67) and spouse Jane McKenzie. Greg joined as part of the last 1967 Intake of 10 UNTD officer cadets, a group which would not have existed except for the quick thinking of a few officers. Two of Greg’s fellow classmates, John Scott (STA 67) and Brian Rideout (TEC 67) and their spouses are also here tonight. Greg served as CO of Tecumseh and was appointed to the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers at NATO HQ in Brussels. He also served on the Canadian Forces Liaison Council working with the business community on behalf of Reservists. In his civilian career he was a teacher, Principal and in senior leadership positions with the Calgary Board of Education and is a life member of the College of Alberta School Superintendents.  Greg continues to be very active with the Naval Museum of Alberta. He served on the Board of the UNTDA and organized a really successful 2015 UNTD reunion in Calgary     He served on the UNTDA 2023 NRD Liaison Group and is very involved in the Citizen Sailors Virtual Cenotaph Project which has written up over 60 biographies of those lost from Tecumseh. Greg is very active in several mountain hiking clubs.

Milsom, Chip
CAPT Chip Milsom (PRE 62) and wife Carol Milsom. Chip began his long service as a NCM serving in Cornwallis ,Naden and Stadacona . A few of the highlights of his career include sea training in Buckingham; Logistics officer in two ships; earning his wings (fixed and helicopter); Commandant - CF School of Administration and Logistics; Comptroller - Maritime Command; and Director - Financial Services – NDHQ. A member of the Old Oars UNTD Ottawa; and President Navy League Kemptville.,%20Peter%20Sproull&id=2862&Page=1&input=milsom                         

Mulkins, Marta 
Cmdre Marta Mulkins – Mess Dinner speak

Marta achieved distinction as the first female commanding officer of a Canadian warship.

Marta joined the NR in the Summer Youth Employment Programme (SYEP) 1985 at Donnacona. As an Able Seaman she served in CF Fleet School Esquimalt for General Military Training and Diesel Mechanic training 1986. She served in HMCS Porte St Jean as a Diesel Mechanic 1987. Marta served in Canadian Forces Fleet School Esquimalt for Junior Leadership training 1988. (CFR) She was appointed as a Naval Cadet 1988 and as a SLt. In 1990. She served in leadership positions of increasing responsibility including command of two ships and two NRDs NDHQ Maritime Staff as Head, Academic Engagement, Afghanistan as a member of the ‘Afghanistan National Development Strategy' Working Group, earning two Master’s Degrees along the way, and ultimately serving as COMNAVRES,%20Marta%20Beattie&id=27660&Page=1&input=mulkins
Oland, Richard  
CDR Richard Oland (STA 80) served as CO SCO and Goose Bay; and as Chair - Board of Governors - Canadian Corps of Commissionaires - Nova Scotia. 

Orthlieb, Laraine 
Cmdre Laraine Orthlieb (NON 59) and Robert Orthlieb. Laraine joined Nonsuch as a SLt and served in a number of positions in Tecumseh and in a number of roles of increasing responsibility in NCS. She served as CO Tecumseh. And In 1989 she broke a glass deckhead with her promotion to Commodore, serving as Senior Naval Reserve Advisor and described in Citizen Sailors as the first female flag officer in the Commonwealth. A founder of the Maritime Museum of Alberta, in civilian life she was the Vice-President of Orthlieb Associates Ltd., Calgary AB (international investment and management consulting company), President Maritime Defence Association of Canada and is the recipient of several awards of distinction. In recognition of her service, she is an Honorary Life Member of the UNTDA.,%20Laraine%20Frances&id=21302&Page=1&input=orthlieb  

Paquin, Ron   
CDR Ron Paquin enrolled in the 3 yr UNTD at Chippawa in MB, thereby securing summer training ashore in Bases and at sea in Vessels.  He mated his MBA with his undergrad degree for his career in the Healthcare industry and service with the Ministry of Health.  In parallel, he served at Star, York and at Cataraqui in Command.  He gained the qualifications in all the Officer positions including as Captain of all the Reserve Gate Vessels in the Great Lakes, Pacific and on the Atlantic aboard Anticosti deploying the sweep gear.  He "timed out" just as the new Kingston class MCDV's were being commissioned.  He completed the Reserve courses in Fleet School, Staff School, Staff College and NDC as well as 3 exchange training times with the USN.. He concluded his service career as the Naval Reserve delegate at the Directorate of Reserves in NDHQ as well as serving on the Board of the Ontario Branch of the Last Post Fund. His wife Clara holds an M.A. in War Studies and was a lecturer at RMC and a Research Officer at the Canadian Defence Academy, both located at Point Frederick in Kingston.       
Scott, Graham - President
Graham Scott (PRE 60) and Gail Scott enjoy life in Toronto and on Mahone Bay NS. Graham completed his BA and LLB at UWO in London Ontario where he joined the UNTD, serving in HMCS Prevost until the NRD was decommissioned in 1963-64 and he effectively lost his active link to the RCNR. He has been very active in the UNTD Association serving on its board for many years including terms as Vice-President and President. In his civilian career Gtaham has served in a number of key leadership positions; and in volunteer leadership positions: 

Executive Assistant to the Right Honourable Robert L. Stanfield, PC, QC – Leader of the PC Party 
Deputy Minister of Health - Ontario 
Deputy Minister of the Environment - Ontario 
Managing Partner of Canada’s largest law firm
CEO - Cancer Care Ontario 
Chair of the Board - Canada Health Infoway 
Chair of the Board - Canadian Institute for Health Information 
Chairman - Organ Donation Ontario 
Order of Canada – Member
    President - Friends of H.M.C.S. Haida
    Chair - Institute for Research on Public Policy

His wife, Gail Scott, was the co-host of W-5 and Canada AM and is a member of the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame.                

Thomas, Bill 
UNTDA Chaplain Bill Thomas (PRE 59) is one of the few among us who actually met the creator of Canada’s Naval Reserve and that meeting had a profound effect on his life   Bill and his wife Jette have been very active members of the Naval Family, attending and officiating at events all over the country and beyond. He created the original UNTD website, served as President of the Association, served as Chaplain to other naval vets organizations. He served as a member of the UNTDA 2023 Committee and launched the UNTDA 2023 NRD Liaison Group that began encouraging events in NRDs across Canada during the depths of COVID while units were closed.  He has been a tower of strength to the association as a reading of its Newsletters will attest. 
Zuliani, Anne (CHI 76) 
Capt(N) Anne Zuliani joined HMCS CHIPPAWA as a DEO in 1976 and transferred to HMCS GRIFFON in 1979. Capt(N) Zuliani was involved in Naval Cooperation and Guidance to Shipping for many years, and was also involved in the transition from NCAGS to the Intelligence occupation in the early 2000’s. She was appointed CO GRIFFON in 2000, serving until 2004 when she took on the Chief of Staff Personnel and Training position at NAVRESHQ in Quebec City. She was appointed Deputy Commander Naval Reserve in 2007 for an interim period, after which she was appointed Central Region Captain and NAVRES Intelligence Advisor. Capt(N) Zuliani retired in 2011. 

Zuliani, Ray 
RAdm Ray Zuliani (GRI 70) joined the naval reserve in 1965 as an Ordinary Seaman and was promoted to Leading Seaman 1969. CFR, he was appointed as a A/Sub-Lieutenant in 1970. He served in several Minesweepers and Saskatchewan for sea training and bridge watchkeeping and commanded all the Gate Vessels on both coasts. He served as CO Griffon and in positions of increasing responsibility including as COMNAVRES and after promotion to Rear Admiral as Chief of Reserves and Cadets. Ray also served on the UNTDA 2023 NRD Liaison Group working with Griffon in the planning of Centennial activities.,%20Raymond%20A.&id=324 

Vice Presidents

Bennett, Jennifer
RAdm Jennifer Bennett began her 44 year naval reserve career as an OS at Star in 1975. In 1977, she transferred to the NROC program for training as a Logistics Officer and was commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant in August 1979 then continued to serve in the Naval Reserve on a part-time and full-time basis in a variety of training, staff, leadership and command positions across Canada while also working as a teacher and administrator at elementary and secondary schools in Ontario and British Columbia. She served as CO of Malahat and in a number of leadership positions of increasing responsibility across Canada. On promotion to Commodore on December 1st, 2007 and appointment as the Commander of Canada's Naval Reserve, she commanded the Formation until January 2011, leading significant changes. Promoted to Rear-Admiral in April 2011, she was appointed as Canada's Chief of Reserves and Cadets. In September 2015, RAdm Bennet was appointed Director General - Canadian Armed Forces Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct in support of Operation HONOUR responsible for leading institutional culture change, enhancing victim support and response, and eliminating sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces on behalf of the CDS. She has served extensively with the Navy League of Canada in leadership positions and is the incoming President. Jennifer is an Honorary Life Member of the UNTDA Association and served as First V-P of the Association. She has received numerous awards of distinction and recognition for her service. 

Haché, Daniel
LCdr Daniel Haché joined the NROC program at Donnacona in 1978 and has served as a Bridge Watchkeeper, a Diving Officer and as Deputy Commander then Commander - Port Security Unit 3. From 2011 -2013 he served as XO of Carleton. He is Second V-P of the UNTDA.

McKinnon, Peter
Peter McKinnon (MAL 70) joined Malahat in 1970 as an ROUTP cadet. In his civilian career he has a long record of successes in theatre, film, music and dance. Peter is a Professor of Stagecraft, Theatre Management, Design and Production in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design at York University.  

Olmstead, Nancy 
LCdr Nancy Olmstead (DIS 78) but spent a lot of time in Tecumseh. She began her career in the Summer Student Training Programme at Discovery in 1975 becoming a Communicator and a Master Wren before transferring to the NROC, earning her commission as a Logistics Officer. She served as often as possible at sea and converted to a MARS program qualifying for a BWK and served in a variety of ships as Training Officer and XO.  The first woman to graduate from SAIT’s Power Engineering program, she began a 25-year career with Shell-White travelling widely. She served as XO of Tecumseh and Operations Officer of various MCDVs including the first visit to Churchill by a warship in 35 years. Nancy is a very active volunteer with the Naval Museum of Alberta. More detail is available at 

Sorsdahl, Neil 
CDR Neil Sorsdahl (UNI 64) enjoyed a career in the RCN serving in a number of ships, and in NDHQ as Staff Officer to Chief of Maritime Doctrine and Operations and on the TRUMP Project Staff.  He also served as CO of Saskatchewan.,%20Neil%20R.&id=5099&Page=1&input=sorsdahl 

White, Bob 3rd Vice
LCdr Bob White (DIS 60) served at Discovery until 1989. He is the long-time editor of the Dog Watch, the excellent comprehensive newsletter of the NABC. Heavily involved in the UNTDA  Citizen Sailor Virtual Cenotaph (CSVC) Project, he recently published a book with over 75 bios of those lost from Discovery. Bob has served on the executive of the NABC for many years and on the Board of the Vancouver Naval Museum. In his civilian career he enjoyed a very successful career in secondary education. He and his wife Mitzi have travelled extensively while Bob engaged in family history research and writing. 
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